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GoPro Accessory Polarizer Filter-GoPro Hero & Hero 2 Cameras Lens Flat 1080p Outdoor Surf Anti Glare and Anti Fog

GoPro Accessory Polarizer Filter-GoPro Hero & Hero 2 Cameras Lens Flat 1080p Outdoor Surf Anti Glare and Anti Fog
From Polar

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Product Description

What Is it?
This polarization filter is made specifically for GoPro cameras. The filter is made out of
a high quality polarizing material specially designed for the use in GoPro cameras. The
Filters are very easy to install and remove. It fits right in between the camera and the
waterproof housing. The filters come flat but mold to the shape of the lens.

Why Do I need It?
Well just like any GoPro accessory, you don't need a polarizer filter, but it will
improve your video footage a number of ways. The Filter Reduces Glare/Reflections,
Increases Color Saturation, and prevents your GoPro from overexposing your
video. (overexposing is when the camera lets in too much light and makes the video
look washed out or too white.)
The filter will make a biggest difference while using the GoPro anywhere near snow or
water. There are also a lot of other ways to use a polarizer. It will make the sky a deeper
blue, make your scenic shots more colorful, and increase the overall quality of your video.
Whether you are skiing a line on Hemlocks in Mammoth, surfing Pipeline when it is triple
overhead, or in New Zealand shooting your version of the Discovery Channel's "Planet
Earth", this polarizer is a great accessory and at a very reasonable price.

These Filters do have some anti fog properties as well. We notice it most when we are
skiing and surfing with the cameras. We usually shoot with about three GoPro's and the
cameras without the filters fog up, the ones with the filter still stay perfectly clear. You will
still need an anti fog strip in the more humid regions, but the filter will also certainly help
out with reduction of fog build up.

Product Details

  • Brand: Polar


  • Polar Pro's Polarizer filter will increase the quality of your GoPro videos by reducing glare and increasing color saturation.
  • This filter is a must for GoPro videographers of any level, looking to improve production value of their videos.
  • When it is Sunny or Partly cloudy it is a sure bet that this filter will help improve your video quality.
  • It is much easier to lighten up a slightly darker video, than trying to correct an overexposed video.
  • Whether you are throwing cork 9's in the park, fishing the upper owen's for some monster brown trout, this filter will make your videos stand out from the rest.

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5Be sure to put it in the right way!
By Michael A. Zaite
Works fantastic, helps make car's pop and helps bring down some harsh daylight. Be warned, it has a front and a back. I initially put it in backward and caused a little crease in it. Make sure the curve matches the lens shape before popping the case shut. Still works great as the crease is outside the shooting area, but try and be less dumb than me :)

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19.99 is too much for this product.
By Avelarder
This item is difficult to handling and calibrate without leave finger printers, dust particules, etc on the surface. The material and boxing looks very cheap, 9.99 dollars is too much for this item. I put it inside my Hero2 getting some white spot on the right side of the image, I have removed, cleaned and put it again getting the same results.
Using my HERO2 with out the polarizer filter is better, even inside the car.

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3Doesnt work well from inside car
By Amazon fan
My gopro's mounted inside the car shooting outwards through the front windsheild.
The lens does wat it does by eliminating the reflection of the glass and providing a clearer view out the windshield. on a cloudy day works great.

the issue is with metering on a bright sunny day. the polarizer appears to confuse the sensor and made my outside images washed out (this is with spot metering turned on and center of the image pointing just over the dashboard).

similar to what my DSLR use to do with circular polarizer using auto-mode. the camera seems get confused and over compensate exposure.

if you place the gopro outside the car and use this lens, it works fine.

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